As you probably have already gathered, my name is Ben Haws. I'm a portrait photographer located in Mount Vernon, Ohio. I love making your photoshoot fun, relaxed, and simple. I often work with my wife, Wilma, so if you are lucky you’ll get to work with both of us!

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I enjoy capturing details. The sparkle in someone's eye. The subtlety of a smile.  The complexity of a personality. Whatever makes you uniquely and undeniably you! If you’ve got an idea for your photos, let me know! I’d love to see if we can work it in. Some of my photoshoots have included musical instruments, tap shoes, karate, animals, jumping in waterfalls, and even a vintage sport car! Want to bring some friends along? Go for it!

I have been taking photos professionally since 2013 and loving every minute of it. During the week, I work full-time as a videographer but I have enjoyed still photography for many years. I dabbled with taking pictures as kid, but I really developed a deeper interest while I was studying filmmaking in college and I even had the chance to take a course in "old-school" darkroom film photography and really enjoyed it, but not enough to give up my digital camera of course.

I typically stick to senior portraits, family photos, and engagement pictures, but if you need photos of real estate, products, events, or business headshots, we can certainly chat and see if I can help you out. At the moment, I do not photograph or film weddings but know several talented people who would love to help capture your special day. Just check out this list!

Thanks for visiting and have a splendid day!